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Doughnut Memory Cushion


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Size in inches : 10 x 8.5 x 1.5


• Provides excellent tailbone and lumbar support.
• Maintaining the lumbar curve and comforting the spinal discs.
• The cushion improves blood circulation, eases pressure on the tailbone and maintains spinal alignment.
• Ideal for long seating hours.
• Prevents the occurrence and progression of spinal disease.
• Guarantee excellent comfort and good health.
• 100% filler less and best quality to provide.

The Doughnut Memory Cushion is a delightful and innovative cushion designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. Shaped like a doughnut, this cushion has gained popularity due to its unique design and therapeutic benefits.

The cushion is made from high-quality memory foam, which conforms to the contours of your body, ensuring optimum support and pressure relief. The central hole in the shape of a doughnut provides a comfortable space for the tailbone, relieving pressure on this sensitive area and promoting proper alignment of the spine.

The Doughnut Memory Cushion is particularly beneficial for people who experience discomfort or pain while sitting for extended periods. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, driving, or simply relaxing on the couch, this cushion can significantly improve your sitting experience.

Not only does it offer physical support, but the cushion’s fun and playful design can also add a touch of whimsy to your home or office decor. It comes in various colors and patterns, making it easy to match your personal style and preferences.

Additionally, the Doughnut Memory Cushion is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. The removable cover makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your cushion stays fresh and hygienic.

In conclusion, the Doughnut Memory Cushion combines comfort, functionality, and style, making it a fantastic addition to any seating arrangement. So, whether you’re looking for relief from discomfort or simply want to add a fun twist to your seating experience, the Doughnut Memory Cushion is an excellent choice.


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